Words and pictures

A couple of pencil sketches (taken from photographs June 2012

The first is the late great Bill Haley, the second the amazing Mr. Gene Vincent.

Music of my teens.

haley smallervincent smaller

Poems written in a depression

My journey is long overdue,

my bag is packed, my last tears are shed.

To stay crowds new growth


prevents happiness.

I yearn for that everlasting darkness, that peace, that



Take me there

I pray.



(No title)

I am a full stop.

Small, black and insignificant.

Without me the sentence can make sense and

with me it


My life was commas, pauses and hopes for better things.


I know now

I am

a full




(No title)

This damned heart that has loved so much

beats furiously in my chest.

It seeks to live and love and laugh.

Damned heart, can’t you see it is useless.

Stop your beating

work no more.

That would be love indeed.



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