Hong Kong stuff – Today’s Rant 8th May

I have no cause but to be a pin beneath the saddle ofthose who ride roughshod over ordinary people.


How you are losing customers

8 May 2013

Dear Hong Kong businessman,

First let me say that I understand, I really really do understand, that you have built your business up from nothing (unless you are a spoilt brat with no idea which way is up – easy enough to name a few of those, isn’t it Richard?) and it will take more than some westerner to teach you new tricks. Right? So if I tell you how to keep more of your customers than you are doing at the moment you wouldn’t be interested? Nope? You are not losing customers, are you?
Well lets look at your customer base for a moment and lets take a random sample of 100 customers. Are they the same 100 you had last year? Five years ago? Ten years ago? You can tell me they are as much as you wish but there is a better than even chance that you will be lying, certainly lying to yourself.
So now let’s take 100 ex-customers. Where are they now?
Statistically one of them will pop his clogs and not be in a position to place orders on account of him or her being dead.
99 left.
Of that 99, 3 will move away. In Hong Kong that figure will likely be quite a bit higher.
Leaves 96.
9 of your customers will be attracted to your competitor. People like to change sometimes. Just like you.
That leaves 87 customers you have lost and not much you could do to stop the 13 so far accounted for.
14 of the remaining 87 will be dissatisfied with your product. Perhaps you haven’t moved with the times, or a batch of inferior products left the factory and were on sale before you knew.
5 leave for reasons you can never know.
Now read this and read it good.
The other 68% leave you because YOU don’t care enough to keep them. YOU Mr. Boss. You care more about the profit they bring than you do about answering their concerns. If you don’t care how do you expect your staff to give a damn?
Lets look at the cost of that ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude. It costs, on average, FIVE (5) times more to get a new customer than it costs to maintain an existing customer. So every negative experience you allow your customers to have costs you money. You like money, don’t you? That’s why you are in business, right? You like it but you don’t have a problem throwing some of it away!
If you are a Hong Kong boss you expect your staff to work up to twelve hours a day and pay them for eight. That’s how much you love money! But when there is a problem what do you do? You put beans in your ears, bury your head in the sand and la-la-la until the problem goes away.
‘We are Hong Kongers, we are always very busy.’ Yes, of course you are. You don’t know how to handle people, that’s why. You have no idea how to manage your staff and even less idea how to handle your clients.
When a customer contacts you he wants something. To place an order, to make a complaint. He NEVER calls to talk about the weather! So you must respond immediately. Phone rings, ‘ring ring, ring ring,’ By now someone should have answered it.
Email arrives. Answer it IMMEDIATELY. NOW. No tea break, no stopping to discuss your new car, answer it NOW. If your customer can stop what he is doing to communicate with you the least you can do is return the courtesy.
If you wish to respond to this article, you will find me with my head buried in the sand and the only response you will get is ‘la – la – la – la – la.’

3 April 2013

Property sales down 29.1%

The number of sale and purchase agreements for all building units in March was 6,841, down 29.1% on February, and a decline of 52.2% year-on-year, the Land Registry announced today.

The total consideration for these agreements was $44.4 billion, down 24.9% on February, and a decline of 40.7% year-on-year.

The total consideration for these agreements in residential units was $27 billion, down 30.1% on February, and a decline of 54.2% year-on-year.

Now our friends Sino had, at the end of 2012, 1,338,000 square metres of land in their land bank destined for residential use in Hong Kong.  Six of their developments taken at random came to a total of 2536 apartments but there are many others, indeed 18 are advertised on their website.  Lets say each cost 6m but now market forces mean they have to reduce their prices. 10%? 15%? 20%? I can see the tears forming in the corners of your eyes even now. 10% would lose them $600,000 x 2536.

Now, if the downward trend continues what will happen? Sino will hoard their completed properties and halt development on new sites thus forcing prices to climb again.

The government will let more land (see Paul Chan’s announcement) but the developers will not build because they have up to six years to bring property to the market!

So, if you are an investor, nothing will really change BUT if you are a first time buyer, a newly wed couple or on a limited income here is the message from the developers:

Tough shit, baby. We’ve got ours.


2 April 2013

Who is worth saving Mr. Chan?

Thish tang

or this:


The government are looking for up to 600 hectares of new land to solve Hong Kong’s housing crisis. What housing crisis? Do you mean the crisis you have engineered to make the population of Hong Kong allow you to destroy even more of this unique place?

Look no further than the most famous wine store in Hong Kong. The area bounded by Suffolk Street, the MTR (still the KCR in my mind) , Cornwall Street and Waterloo Rd includes about 146 hectares (maths is not my strong point. If I am wrong please correct me). When Kai Tak was closed we were told that building height restrictions in Kowloon would be revised. Well? We have found you 146 hectares, Mr. Chan, I reckon we could quite easily find another 400 if we looked seriously.

Oh – oh – oh – oh – but but but…. Henry and a lot of other rich fat cats live in Kowloon Tong. So we cant just flatten houses, with or without wine stores, to make way for mass housing….can we?


Let’s hear you Mr. Chan.

paul chan


1st April 2013

Let’s all eat cake

Sino, bless their very small cotton socks, have let the Pantry on Board’s little shop to Saffron Bakery Café. This is part of their attempt at upgrading the piazza. Piazza!! Excuse me while I LOL. They call this weekend hotch potch of eateries a Piazza! Well a piazza is a public square or market place so it scores 50%, but it is not public! It is OPEN to the public by the graciousness of one of the greediest fat cat companies east of Eden but it is not public because it may be closed to the public at any time they wish.

So the nice people who are frightened to give straight answers to emails and who show their faces only when someone waves large currency note in their direction either refused to renew The Pantry on Board’s contract or they came to a mutual settlement. Yeah? And along comes Saffron.

From their website Saffron looks quite nice. They sell not only bread and cakes but loads of other stuff too, the fact that they sell ‘candies’ and not ‘sweets’ makes them a shade suspect and one has a natural tendency to shy away from what might be ‘’the Ugly American’’.

But does Sino honestly believe that their presence will transform the Gold Coast into a second Stanley or Peak? Honestly?

And who is Saffron? The brand was started in Hong Kong thirteen years ago and this store, here….in the ‘Piazza’ will be their fifth. There are several similarly named organisations around the world none of which are connected to this one. 

Have the management of Saffron actually done their homework? Have they been around and spoken to the other businesses?

Do they know what it is like working FOR Sino?

Well here are a couple of comments from other businesses in the ‘Piazza’.

‘’We have several outlets and none of our landlords behave like Sino. What was supposed to be an exciting venture is now like a stone round our necks.’’


‘Sino is quite bad in terms of management and CMR (Consumer Mgt Rship).

The wish is to upgrade the piazza but nothing has been upgraded except the RENT… ‘


I have changed the exact words, but kept the gist to protect the businesses concerned.

So, Mrs. Saffron, I hope your lawyers have really checked the terms of your contract? Are you aware that you will only trade on Saturdays and Sundays – and that although it will be nice to be able to buy decent bread and cakes, provided your prices are reasonable, you will have to sell more bread than Griegs to even cover your costs in a place that has seen two bakeries disappear and in which most residents wouldn’t know good bread if it were to meet them in the street under neon lights with a 20ft sign saying ‘Good bread’..

After a honeymoon period Sino will play silly buggars with the rent because you will be working FOR them. The chances are that your existing stores will carry your Gold Coast store, not for the proposed  B/E period, but for ever until you, too get tired of a life in permanent hock to one of the most dubious and least straightforward companies in Hong Kong.

A close Chinese friend told me the other day, over a pleasant lunch at Resto, that the main reason he and his friends come to the Gold Coast, and he travels from Hung Hom, is precisely because it is NOT like the up market pretentious places that are fast becoming the terrible Hong Kong norm. Market Place by Jason (LOL again) have a shocking reputation locally for what we used to call (When starting my working life in retail – we had 70 stores) price gauging and, the response to our request for justification notwithstanding, still offer a Wellcome store at fancy, inflated prices.

I just wonder when Hong Kong businesses are going to realise that a fair price should only be charged for fair value.

Sadly Sino will continue to force prices up until the goose that basks in the Gold Coast sun and brings joy and harmony to so many, will keel over, kick its legs a couple of times and die.

Then along will come Sino Palin with, ‘It’s not dead, it’s resting, Norwegian geese tire easily.’

We’ll pop in when they open, suss ’em out and report back. For the moment we’ll wish them good luck.

It’s because I am a guy, right?

I hate shopping. It doesn’t really need to be said. I’m a male animal, I am not programmed to pick berries with a child strapped to my back. I am programmed to go forth, spear in hand, and bring home the bacon..or woolly mammoth…or whatever else I can kill. I’m a guy, see. When I met the wife I had to check just two things, can you cook stuff I like and can you rear my kids.

Bit chauvinistic that.

Anyway, to the purpose of today’s moan. I was in Watson’s yesterday and the assistant asked the person in front of me if she would like to buy something that was on special offer. I nearly fell over backwards when the lady not only agreed but ordered more that she was asked.

I don’t do that. I’m a guy.

I walk into seven eleven to buy a can of Heineken and when the assistant then tries to sell me choclolate or a carton of indescribable slosh, the result of a merchandiser’s error, I am inclined to tell her what she can do with them. I’m a guy. I know what I want. I go and get it. I will not be steered away from my objective by some half trained girl offering me the chance to pick berries.

So, you put two Heinekens on the counter and this product of the Hong Kong school system takes her calculator to add two by nine dollars and thrusts the result into your face! I tender a fifty and know that my change should be thirty two dollars. I don’t need a bloody calculator! (I’m a guy, remember?).

She then offers me the change. She doesn’t do that in any way that makes it easy for me or leads me to enjoy the purchase experience. She doesn’t count out the change by saying, ‘Fifty, thirty, twenty and two, thank you.’ No she places a twenty and a ten in my palm, then a single dollar and two fifty cents. She covers this by the receipt and leaves me to juggle the mess into pockets and wallets. Some places give stamps as well.

She has been trained to do this in the same way that bank tellers are trained to raise their arms to a certain height and at a certain angle despite the fact that you are the only customer waiting! (This is absolutely true by the way)

I’m a guy. I can recognise the slightest movement in my prey and can approach, without assistance, for the kill, without the poor wildebeast having to signal frantically that it is free.

Have you noticed (silly question) how narrow the aisles are in some stores? Boxes of that cliché choc Ferrago Rocher teetering at head height just begging to react to a careless step and go flying to every corner of the store. And when the pile does collapse because you dared walk within six inches of it the entire population of Hong Kong suddenly appears in the store and you just know what they are saying.

The only place that has given me a pleasant shopping experience locally is Chi Lok. Little shops, ordinary people who seem genuinely pleased that you have stopped long enough to by a box of strawberries for fifteen dollars (and they are real strawberries, not like the wooden ones from California sold by Market Place for double or more).

If you are a guy then put your foot down. When she asks you to go shopping with her or even on your own, refuse. Tell her the computer needs rewinding or that you have a briefcase full of documents to go over before tomorrow’s meeting. Then having made you guy stand you will put on your shoes and run after her mumbling apologies and trying to convince her that you were only joking. She’s a woman, y’see.

ling kee

When is enough really enough?

End of story for store, claims landlordWinnie ChongThursday, February 28, 2013The landlord of the well-known Ling Kee Book Store in Nathan Road wants it to quit the premises.In a writ filed at the High Court yesterday, Joyful Link said it is seeking recovery of the Mong Kok site as well as compensation for illegal occupation after the expiry of the Ling Kee lease.

The lease, which expired on February 17, stipulates that it may be renewed for the same monthly rental.

However, Joyful Link claims the store failed to give it notice of its intention to renew two months before the expiry date.

It had therefore assumed that the contract, which came into force on February 18, 2010, no longer applied.

According to the writ, Ling Kee paid HK$75,000 a month for the shop in the basement of Chun Yee Building on 733 Nathan Road, Mong Kok.

The contract stipulated that Ling Kee had the right to request renewal for two more years provided it gave notice to the landlord two months before the termination of the agreement.

Ling Kee claimed it sent a letter to Joyful Link in December 2012, but the landlord denied receiving it.

However Joyful Link said it received a letter, dated January 16, from the store on Saturday requesting a one-year renewal of the lease.

Joyful Link said this was not in line with the former agreement of two years, so it assumed that Ling Kee was not making an effective demand and therefore not renewing the contract.

However, Ling Kee refused to vacate the premises when the contract expired almost two weeks ago.

The legal tussle comes amid growing concern over steep increases in store rents.

Many food and stationery businesses have been forced to close as a result.

They have in turn been replaced by jewelry stores or pharmacies that often target mainland customers.

This development has angered local residents and increased animosity against mainlanders.

Ling Kee, which opened its first premises in 1943, has long been a favorite with the book-buying public.

Image by: Wernher Krutein / Photovault.comAll Rights Reserved

17 February 2013

Have you ever been so frustrated with service that you have written a letter of complaint? Ever applied for a job and wondered if the company ever got your application?

If you live in Hong Kong there is a better than even chance that this applies to you.

The following is a paraphrase of Human Resource department spokes person of a global concern reply to the question.

We do not reply to unsuccessful applicants. What’s the point? Anyway we are far too busy to concern ourselves.


Did you know that 68% of customer defections take place because the customer feels badly treated. Source: TARP

Did you know it can cost five times as much to buy new customers than retain existing ones? Source: TARP

Why did customers quit?

1% Die.

3% move away.

68% quit because of an attitude of indiffence towards the customer by the staff.

14% are dissatisfied with the product.

9% leave for competitive reasons.

Source: ‘ How to win customers and keep them for life.’ Michael Lebeouf

Did you know that for every customer who bothers to complain 26 other customers remain silent. Source: Lee resource Inc.

The average ‘wronged’ customer will tell between 8 and 16 people about it. Over 20% will tell more than 20 people. Source: Lee Resource Inc.

Now then who is your customer? Think you know? If you are a supermarket then ‘your’ customer is every person living within your catchment area. If you are a global concern dealing in consumables or service you have an almost infinite number of customers.

If someone applies for a job and they do not get a response they have received a NEGATIVE experience. They will tell their 8 – 16 people. If a person writes and complains to an airline and does not get a response they have received a NEGATIVE experience and will tell 8 – 16 people.

If a person writes to their LegCo member or their District Council member and they do not reply the have had a NEGATIVE experience and will tell between 8 – 16 people.

This is how it SHOULD be (Maggie Tse of Dairy Farm please note):

A Massachusetts boy who believed that his dream toy was no longer available received an amazing surprise on his 11th birthday – all courtesy of Lego.

James Groccia of West Boylston, who has Asperger’s syndrome, set his heart on the expensive Emerald Night Train set over two years ago.

Keen to instil a sense of financial responsibility, his parents told James that he had to save up the $100 needed for the train himself. Then, after two years of patient saving, the Groccias discovered that this model had been discontinued.

Mum says:

Karen Groccia, James’s mother, told the Banner: ‘I just couldn’t believe it wasn’t available anymore. It was all over the place last Christmas, but there weren’t any available, now.

Then Dawn Hartnett, a social worker who runs the Lego therapy sessions for autistic and Asperger’s children that James attends, had an idea. They could write to Lego directly.

In the letter James explained exactly what had happened.

‘For two years I kept all the money I got for birthday and holiday gifts, some of my allowance and some money I got for participating in a research project.’ he wrote.

‘I got another LEGO set, thinking I could forget about the Emerald Night, but every time I see it anywhere online I get very sad and disappointed. I still want the Emerald Night so badly, but there are none to be found.

‘Do you have any at your corporate headquarters? Perhaps I could get one that way? If you have any other ideas, I would be happy to hear them. I have never wanted a LEGO set so badly ever in my life,’ he wrote.


Lego says: ‘Happy Birthday’

Lego wrote back, apologizing that the Emerald Night Train had been discontinued. It seemed unlikely that James would ever get the toy.

Then two days before his 11th birthday on October 19, a box addressed to James arrived at the family home.

Inside the package was a letter from Lego and brand-new model of the much sought after toy.

The family filmed an overjoyed James opening the box and put the video on YouTube, titling it: ‘Why LEGO is the BEST Company in the World.’

James also read out the heart-warming letter from the toy giant, which said:

‘The Emerald Night Train is a wonderful set, so we can understand why it is your dream to own it. I commend your willpower and patience to save money for over two years just to purchase this set.

‘We have located an Emerald Night Train for you, James, and included it in this package! I am sure you will enjoy building it and cherish your time playing with the train.

‘Fans like you are why we are so lucky as a company. Who knows, maybe you will be working for The LEGO Group one day! You certainly have the heart and passion for our bricks to do so! Happy building, James!’

The whole family are grateful to Lego. Karen Groccia said:’This great, great company went above and beyond to make the dream of a child come true.

‘It’s rare these days that a company will respond in such a generous and personal way and we are very surprised and grateful.’

Even Michael Groccia, James’s younger brother, put fraternal jealousy aside. As the 10-year-old James reads out the letter on the video Michael appears to wipes a tear from his eye.

Those Hong Kong organisations who practice the SPINNING OSTRICH style of management and customer relations should re-read that article. Print it out and stick it on every flat surface in their offices.

9 January 2013

Well I guess we weren’t far from the point when we criticised some Legco members for their stupidity in chasing C.Y. Leung about his!

We said:

How about those who represent you in the Legislative council? Think they were busy? Under normal circumstances few are known for their diligence and those who are often struggle to have that diligence noted. C.Y Leung, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR spent nearly five hours – FIVE hours – debating his foolhardiness in not being totally honest about his illegal structures.
There were 34 geographical constituency representatives present (that is all bar one) and 33 (that is all bar two) Functional constituency representatives.
These people get a minimum of $84,490.00 per month plus a few perks. Let’s say they actually work at the job they were elected for for 20 days (most have other fairly high paid jobs as well) and 8 hours per day. That means that this ridiculous charade cast the Hong Kong taxpayer the grand sum of $177,000 (minimum)

Today Anson Chan, surely one of our most respected politicians, writing in the self censored SCMP says,

”Today will see the start of a two day circus when anti Leung Chun Ying legislators try to impeach the chief executive. There will be the usual clownish antics and angry speeches – all for the benefit of the TV cameras……But legislators elected to do the people’s business will have wasted time and public money.’

Who are these people who think so little of the people who elected them that they dance and cavort before the ever ready TV cameras? Let’s see a few names. Albert Chan Wai Yip says ‘We are banned from walking 15 yards’ What?  Emily Lau (you have to love a lady who stands against cock-sure men) manned a stall and thousands marched. Why? Illegal structures? Nope. Then what? Oh dear, here we go again, ‘Un-i-ver-sal-suff-rage’ chanted by people who have NO IDEA about suffrage, universal or individual. Ask them, ‘What kind of democracy do you want?’ Er… or  ‘What kind of democracies might be best for Hong kong?’ … er…

Beijing will NOT remove C.Y.Leung. To expect it is surely the height of stupidity. C.Y. Leung will still be both CEO of Hong Kong and a bloody fool long after these school kids stop their ridiculous, tee shirted chanting.

My message is this:

Leave the march Albert, Emily and the others. There is important work to be done for the people of Hong Kong. We still have old ladies collecting cardboard, we still have old men living in cages, we are still ‘donating’ much of what we earn to the fat cats like Li Ka Shing. Let’s get our priorities right. Help the people, THEY don’t get the salaries and bonuses that you get and many of them are better human beings than you will ever be.

27 December 2012

China tightening controls on Internet

Thursday, 27 December, 2012, 7:18pm

JOE McDONALD (Associated Press)

BEIJING (AP) — China’s new communist leaders are increasing already tight controls on Internet use and electronic publishing following a spate of embarrassing online reports about official abuses.

The measures suggest China’s new leader, Xi Jinping, and others who took power in November share their predecessors’ anxiety about the Internet’s potential to spread opposition to one-party rule and their insistence on controlling information despite promises of more economic reforms.


Don’t these people understand that if they can be SEEN to be fighting corruption the need for blogs critical of the government would decrease? What would the Great Helmsman say if he could see how the nation he gave his life for (rightly or wrongly) lived, breathed and defecated lies and cheats and almost nothing is being done to solve the problem? Shooting a few people in the head and claiming the cost of the bullet has not worked, is not working and will NEVER work. Today we read of cooking oil which contains carcinogens to an even greater degree than the lax requirements of the mainland.

Of course the stupid thing is that people will still buy the stuff, but they won’t overcook anything because the tiniest bit of black guarantees that they will die of cancer within a week!

Once again shout loud. When will Hong Kong Education Department stop faffing around and teach children what they need to know to stay alive. We have quite enough accountants!.


24 December 2012

What’s your beef?

The naivety of the hong Kong press and as feeders to the press, the Hong Kong government. Today they show concern at the price of beef. Yet the government of Hong Kong has sat back and positively allowed a monopoly situation to thrive in deference to the big chiefs in BJ.

Ng Fung Hong an subsidiary of….guess who? China Resources Enterprises has raised the price of beef from HK$3,260 a picul* in April 2012 to HK$4,080 a picul* now. Since early this year Ng Fung Hong has raised the price of beef to Hong Kong consumers by a massive 20%. Do the farmers get 20% more for the beasts? Do the slaughter house staff and the packing staff get paid 20% more? Anyone know? I will bet that that 20% goes straight into the pockets of Ng Fung Hong. I bet it doesn’t touch the sides.

Now, if by chance you are reading this there is a better than even chance that you are a chi sin gwei lo or a middle/upper class Chinese. If you buy and eat Chinese beef you need your bumps read – I mean that – because Chinese beef is injected with hormones to ‘plump’ the beast up. So guys, if you are up for ‘gender re assignation’ keep chomping on Chinese beef. If you wish to stay as you are either make sure the labeling clearly states that no hormones are used at anytime or buy British beef.

PICUL= 100 Catties or 60 kg or a ‘shoulder load’ (as much as a man can carry)

Can you C. Y.?

Finally, following several ‘exposes’ Henry Tang was forced to admit his dishonesty and duck out of the ‘race’ for CEO of Hong Kong. A bit naughty really, since not only did he try to hoodwink the Hong Kong Building Department but also his future masters in Beijing and, to make matters worse, if that was possible, he tried to place the blame on his wife.
Watching in the wings was the only other serious contender for the throne of Hong Kong, Mr. C.Y. Leung.

Mr. Leung, as far as we can ascertain, is not blind nor was he blind at the beginning of the year when our Henry got done ‘bang to rights, guv’. However he was stupid. Of course, there is no law on the books which makes stupidity an offence in law and so, perhaps CY was entitled to be stupid when it was revealed that his property – on the peak no less – also had ‘illegal structures’ within its luxurious bounds.

Put yourself, for a moment, in C Ys position. He gets a shoe in to the most important position in Hong Kong government (Li Ka Shing excepted) and, at no time did it appear to dawn on him that the position demanded honesty and responsibility. So you, I, anyone would surely have appeared at our first meeting in the Legco chamber in our new position and said, ‘Look guys, I made a bit of a cods on the illegal structures front, I am very sorry and, as we speak, contractors are tearing the offending structures down and carting away the rubble and all traces of the work. By tomorrow all will be OK.’
One might receive a rebuke from one’s colleagues and a letter of disapproval from Beijing, but in time, the matter would have blown over.

Not CY. Oh no. Not CY. Not the man of the people. No silver spoon sullied his very ordinary palate. Pulled himself up by his own bootstraps did old CY. Yet, even though he had attended that jewel of British tertiary education, Bristol Polytechnic, the old Hong Kong dishonesty managed to shine through.

Now he has apologised. 10 December 2012, ten months after Henry faced the music and following yet another tee-shirted bunch of rent-a-crowd protesters he has apologised.

What a bloody fool!

However, the point that so many Hong Kongers seem more than a little hazy on is this, is CY Leung a good CEO? Has his silly little lie disqualified him fom the post? Had he been CEO ing for twelve months we might be able to judge but he has only had his feet under the table since July 1. Five months is hardly sufficient time to condemn a man out of hand, unless he is a Premier league manager, and who would take over if the Cheung Mos got their way?

The significant part of this pantomime is that, once again, it exposes a dishonesty whose putrid tentacles slither down from the fat cats, via the not so fat cats, to the mice. Dishonesty is as much Hong Kong as its Chinese-ness. Cheating in Hong Kong is the rice and pork on the tables from the peak to the poor and one day that disease will all but kill the golden goose. People occasionally ask whether Hong Kong is as corrupt as the mainland. My answer is that occasionally, mainland cheats get shot. In Hong Kong they have schools and hospitals built in their name.

Poor old C.Y. The building department super sleuths are sniffing around another of his properties in Stanley. They think there might be a ‘secret’ room!
A ‘SECRET’ room? Secret from whom? Secret FOR whom?
Well, they found nothing, quote: ‘Buildings officers who visited chief executive’s former home in Stanley draw a blank in search for entry point to suspected illegal extension’.
Has C.Y. made a statement about this? If he hasn’t and a secret room is found then what conclusion can we reach?
See above. The man is a bloody fool.
Or do the Buildings Department have nothing better to do despite cracking balconies, unsafe buildings, tangled wires. Perhaps if they spent a bit of time in Yau Ma Tei or Jordan or several other less richly populated places they might be able to actually IMPROVE things for the less well off.

What did you do yesterday?
Busy? Rushed off your feet? Most people of working age would have been either rushing around or heads bent at desks in the struggle to increase revenue, cut costs and increase profits.
Yeah, that’s about normal.
How about those who represent you in the Legislative council? Think they were busy? Under normal circumstances few are known for their diligence and those who are often struggle to have that diligence noted. C.Y Leung, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR spent nearly five hours – FIVE hours – debating his foolhardiness in not being totally honest about his illegal structures.
There were 34 geographical constituency representatives present (that is all bar one) and 33 (that is all bar two) Functional constituency representatives.
These people get a minimum of $84,490.00 per month plus a few perks. Let’s say they actually work at the job they were elected for for 20 days (most have other fairly high paid jobs as well) and 8 hours per day. That means that this ridiculous charade cast the Hong Kong taxpayer the grand sum of $177,000 (minimum) Not only did it consume that amount of money but the normal tasks of the members were not attended to so there would have been a loss in efficiency equal to the cost of the debate. Thank you members of Legco for blowing getting on for half a million bucks just because one bloody fool would not tell the truth and a bunch of pretend politicians thought they could make names for themselves in their constituencies.
You could buy a lot of ridiculous tee shirts with half a mil!


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