Today we publish a reading lesson for ESL and EFL students.


Thinking about IELTS? Worried about your pronunciation.

This video might help.



Enhanced shopping experience? You really have to LOL. (Re-thought!!!!)

Now it’s Mother’s day so every shop and restaurant in the Gold Coast is open except…….



A message to your boss. Print it out and leave it on his desk.



More on Tuen mun Hospital.

Just HOW stupid can they be?
Stupid gets STOOPIDER



Please, please, please watch this video



Open letter to:

Angus Gore-Andrews
Merchandise Manager | The Dairy Farm Company Ltd. – Specialty Stores



Saffron Opens At Gold Coast.

First impressions here.


No comment.

animal testing



Our final comment, with photographs is published here. There are some nice things, too. Heart wrenching things that brought tears to my eyes as I pounded my keyboard.



Meanwhile for those who still blame the Labour government for the parlous state of the UK economy I present this. A little stodgy for a Sunday morning but quite essential reading.

[Herr Goebbels was right click here]



14 April 2013




New city of So Kwun Wat being developed??

[read the latest here]


Looks like we got us a football club!

The court case as it happened.



Sleep easy. C.Y. has it all sussed!

leungHe will visit Princess Margaret Hospital, the Hospital Authority and the Centre for health Protection tomorrow.

Would you employ this man to look after your health?

Will you wear a mask to protect yourself?



Will Pompey survive the week? Court battle looms.



Is there really a breath of fresh air blowing into the Gold Coast Shopping Mall?


Who has the nicest smile?

h tang



What’s this all about? Click [here] to find out.

Let’s All Eat Cake.

Will we all be ‘Wild about Saffron’? (Donovan)


Not many things have really annoyed me this week. Well there are a couple but they need some time consuming research. So I thought I’d lighten the mood with this:


Here is another rantlet about our esteemed friends at Dairy Farm (Market Place and 7/11)


21 March 2013

TODAY the full story of Homeopathy in Hong Kong

How much will you pay for nothing?

Sally Davies

Professor Dame Sally Davies, Britain’s Chief Medical Officer.

But STILL no response from the people who sell it in Hong Kong as an efficacious medical treatment.


6 March 2013

Our Homeopathy article records most clicks for the last week. 
We have now sent invitations to three homeopathy practioners in Hong Kong and asked them to respond to our points.
As usual we will let you know what happens.


One of the Homeopathy con merchants has asked to be removed from the mailing list! LOL. We don’t even have a mailing list! So we sent this:

We are pleased to comply with your wish and have removed your email address from our records. However we will continue to challenge all forms of duplicity and that must, of course, include homeopathy. You are welcome to refute any claims we publish and we would be pleased to give equal prominence to your views.


11 March 2013

March is the anniversary of the start of what some called the Second English Civil War

Report of the 1984 miners [here]

11 March 2013

March is Women’s History month.

Read about Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhurst, Ban Zhoa and other women who have changed the course of human history.


11 March 2013

This email was received from the Secretary for Transport and Housing after a whole month

Thank you for your emails dated 19/2/2013 and 5/3/2013.On whether the Government would require developers to put up their flats for sale in the market within a prescribed period, as mentioned in the Secretary for Development’s reply to the Legislative Council on 20 February 2013, the Government is of the view that while developers could adjust their marketing strategies from time to time in accordance with market situation and commercial consideration, as observed, they will normally sell or launch pre-sale of residential units in order to secure their investment returns as early as possible, as well as to make new investments. On the other hand, some developers will put their completed units for rental according to their business strategy, but this will also increase supply of residential units. The Chief Executive announced on August 30, 2012 a package of 10 short and medium term housing and land supply measures, including speeding up the processing of pre-sale consent applications. Other than this, the Government does not have any plan to introduce measures requiring developers to put up their flats for sale in the market within a prescribed period.As regard the vacancy rate of private residential units in Hong Kong, as mentioned in the Chief Executive’s Policy Address 2013, in mid-2012, the vacancy rate of private residential units was 4%, the lowest in 15 years. Should you require further details regarding the vacancy situation, you may consult the Rating and Valuation Department.Yours sincerely,
Kasper NG
for Secretary for Transport and Housing
So the message to anyone who does not own a second home or who has not been tainted by the greed that, in Hong Kong floats to the surface of every bucket of slops is that the government is just fine with the fact that property companies are screwing the last cent out of ordinary people. Mao Tse Tung would not be just turning he would be spinning in his grave to see that the people he sent for re-education are winning the day. Meanwhile the government is releasing just enough land for building to keep their buddies in luxury yachts and Mr. Chan STILL lives in a bed space in Yau Ma Tei. While a friends mum STILL cleans the street for a pittance because she thinks she should ‘play her part’. While the old man in Tsuen Wan STILL rifles through rubbish bins pulling out anything that is edible.


This email was sent to Sino on 4th March 2013:

Dear Bonnie,
Your refusal to answer the very simple question we put to you on the 5th February and prior to that as detailed on our blog, is now causing some concern.
The government have issued several statements of a general nature but Sino continue to hide away refusing to address the concerns of its own residents and of the community in general.
Please respond to the question. If you have forgotten the question here it is again:
 Is Sino witholding flats from the market? Yes or No, Bonnie?
If the answer is that Sino is holding no flats against the possibility of rising prices then tell us. We will be pleased to publish your response.
You might be interested in our piece about ‘Ostrich Management’ and how damaging it has proved to be to businesses around the world before refusing to answer.
This email is now on the blog for all to see.



AT LAST!                     


Well we didn’t quite make the record! Pompey managed twenty three matches without a win before Crewe-sifying Crewe 2:1 and preparing to bury Bury next Saturday (9 March).
Record Holders Derby County 2007-8  P38. W1. D8. L29
Loughborough 1899 – 1900  P34. W1. D6. L27
First scored after 6 short minutes by on loan striker Patrick AGYEMANG and the second at 29 minutes by Connolly (pic above). Pogba pulled one back at the 63rd minute to thrust into their cheering mouths and destroy the finely manicured nails of the Pompey fans who made up nearly 10% of the crowd at Crewe, and the hundreds (thousands?) who tuned in from around the world.

[match report here]


How can an honest doctor in Hong Kong promote this kind of scam?

Homeopathy cartoon




Balram Chanrai, richest or second richest Nepalese business man in the world and involved with some rather dubious characters in the ME and in arms trading amongst other things is still trying to persuade Pompey supporters he is a nice guy.
The latest analysis from Micah Hall lifts the lid on his devious ways.



We finally get an answer and, as promised we publish it in its entirety here: [Market Place reply]


Despite several letters asking Market Place (not forgetting Jason, of course) quite nicely to justify their pricing policy we have to report absolutely ZERO progress.


The latest nonsensical response from Maggie (I feel we are on first name terms now) was this:
Dear HKCoaster,
Thank you for your feedback.
Your valuable comment had been brought to the broad attention of all our related departments. We do strive to offer an international range that represent good value.

[Read more]

Spinning Ostriches

17 February 2013

Image by: Wernher Krutein / Photovault.comAll Rights Reserved

Have you ever been so frustrated with service that you have written a letter of complaint? Ever applied for a job and wondered if the company ever got your application?
If you live in Hong Kong there is a better than even chance that this applies to you.
The following is a paraphrase of Human Resource department spokes person…


A Liar or just Bloody Stupid?

9 January 2013
leungWell I guess we weren’t far from the point when we criticised some Legco members for their stupidity in chasing C.Y. Leung about his!
We said:
How about those who represent you in the Legislative council? Think they were busy? Under normal circumstances few are known for their diligence and those who are often struggle to have that diligence noted. C.Y Leung, 


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